St. Clair Open Results

We want to thank everyone who fished, attended and help make the St. Clair open the success that it was! Here is a list of the top 9, big bass winner, and a few pictures to go along with that!


Big Bass winner: John Robiadek @ 6.04lbs



1st  Place: John Robiadek and James Clauser @ 23.02lbs


2nd Place: Tom Beale and Bill Wood @ 19.14lbs



3rd Place: John Lytle and Duane Bethke @ 19.12lbs


4th Place: Jerry Gostenik and Rickey Gostenik @ 19.07lbs


5th Place: Garrett Paquette and Tyler Jaskiewicz @ 18.06lbs


6th Place: Jim Baker and Jeff Baker @ 17.13lbs


7th Place: Jeff Johnson and Ryan Johnson @ 17.12lbs


8th Place: Mark Sturgill and Joe Damron @ 17.10lbs


9th Place: Jason Scott and Maxwell Newcomer @ 17.01lbs


Attention NBAA Directors!

If you have not received an introduction email/email “blast” from the home office in the past week, from Shane, please send him an email so we can get your current contact info! Thanks, and we hope everyone has a fun and safe Father’s Day Weekend!

Central Michigan West Schedule Change for Sanford

The tournament that was scheduled for July 27th, has been moved up to July 20th on Sanford. For questions, please contact Bob Hitchcock at 989-429-2376

Ionia 1 on 1 Lake Thorn Apple Rescheduled

The Ionia 1 on 1 at Lake Thorn Apple has been rescheduled for Monday, June 17th, 2013 from 6-9 P.M. Director Aaron Feeback will be giving away something nice to make up for this tournament being rescheduled! We wish everyone luck in this tournament, catch some big ones!