Points System


Make sure you update your sponsor information as needed so you stay current with the Up to Date AOTY Points Standings!

Here’s how it will work:

50 points will be awarded to the first place team then each place after that (up to 49) will receive 1 point less than the finishing team ahead of them.


1st place 50 points
2nd place 49 points
3rd place 48 points
4th place 47 points
5th place 46 points
6th place 45 points
7th place 44 points
8th place 43 points
9th place 42 points
10th place 41 points
11th place 40 points
12th place 39 points

For any boats not catching a fish, deduct 10 points from the last finishing team with fish, and that is the points you will receive.