Payout Schedules / Entry Fees


NBAA Payout Schedules!



  • Over 100% Total payback in cash and prizes every year!

  • 84% cash stays local

NBAA Typical Entry Fees:

  • Overtime events – $42 Includes big bass- 84% stays local, balance supports Championship

  • Weekend event – $100 Includes big bass, 84% stays local, balance supports Championship


 Payout Schedules for Weekend and Overtime Events:

OVER 100% payback in cash & prizes each year.

Typically ramp payback is 70% at the ramp with the balance;

1. to fund your local directors pay for running your division & to help fund the respective Program. means 84% of your money stays local.

2. balance supports the NATIONAL events and a chance to win a Ranger Boat or other large prizes…… PLUS CASH that is paid out at national events!!