The Annehurst Swim Team Benefit Open Bass Tournament!

The Annehurst Swim Team

Benefit Open Bass Tournament!

~Alum Creek Reservoir~


Saturday- May 25th, 2013



A Tie Crowns Two Teams NBAA National Champions

The rain once again hammered down as the 91 finalists took off on Kentucky tournament waters. After a year of competition in their local divisions, and fighting their ways through over 100 teams in the black and blue qualifiers, this was it. The rains led to rising water levels and strategy changes, mostly leading to the banks.

With only a handful of boats to go, David Hasty and Seth Borton took the lead with 18lbs 13ounces. From thereULITMATEchampPic (300x199) all the duo could do was sit in the “hot seat” and wait. Many teams came close as the weigh-in continued but the lead wasn’t contested until Eugene Steinke and Dave Burton approached with 18lbs 13ounces to lock it in with a tie.  The crowd and the competitors anxiously awaited the tie-breaker rule.  But, when both teams were offered the chance to share the title, they gladly accepted. Continue reading

2013 NBAA National Championship Live Stream

Watch the 2013 NBAA Ultimate Championship right here!

Blue, Black Championship Days Advance 91 Teams to the 2013 NBAA Ultimate Championship

A rainy day on Kentucky waters saw 127 teams battle it out on day two of the 2013 NBAA National Championship in Gilbertsville, Ky. Today’s weigh in was marked the Black Division Championship day where black division qualifiers compete for the top fifty spots to advance to Saturday’s Ultimate Championship finals. Stuart Cavner and Andy Scheuller led it today with 21 lbs 4 ounces.BlackDivChampPic

Tomorrow, the top fifty teams from both Blue and Black Championship days will meet to decide this year’s NBAA National Champions on Kentucky Lake.

“We’ve fished three national championships and came up short in second; this is our division win,” Cavner and Scheuller said.  “We’re definitely glad to finally take the title, and we hope that’s also the case tomorrow.”

Coming in second, were Karl Kearcher and Carlos Vergara with a respectable 19lbs 2ounces. The team will be among the fifty to advance to the Ultimate Championship finals tomorrow.

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