St. Clair Open Results

We want to thank everyone who fished, attended and help make the St. Clair open the success that it was! Here is a list of the top 9, big bass winner, and a few pictures to go along with that!


Big Bass winner: John Robiadek @ 6.04lbs



1st  Place: John Robiadek and James Clauser @ 23.02lbs


2nd Place: Tom Beale and Bill Wood @ 19.14lbs



3rd Place: John Lytle and Duane Bethke @ 19.12lbs


4th Place: Jerry Gostenik and Rickey Gostenik @ 19.07lbs


5th Place: Garrett Paquette and Tyler Jaskiewicz @ 18.06lbs


6th Place: Jim Baker and Jeff Baker @ 17.13lbs


7th Place: Jeff Johnson and Ryan Johnson @ 17.12lbs


8th Place: Mark Sturgill and Joe Damron @ 17.10lbs


9th Place: Jason Scott and Maxwell Newcomer @ 17.01lbs