NBAA Events Well Underway

All of the NBAA Weekend and Overtime events are underway for 2015.  Some divisions are past the midway point, while others are just getting started.  Thanks to all the NBAA Directors for all of their hard work to get their schedules put together and entered into the website.

As the results are coming in, we are trying to get them posted as quickly as possible, so that every angler can come to the site and see the individual results and the overall Team of the Year standings for each and every division.  If you are looking for the current standings for 2015:
Look at the horizontal tool bar on the NBAA home page.

Find the tab labeled “Local Division Events” and put your arrow on that tab.

A drop down box will appear.   The third item down is a tab labeled “Standings by Division”, and click on it.

Now all the NBAA states should be shown in BLUE.  Click on your desired state.

Another page should come up that has every Division schedule listed from that state that you chose.

If the results for an event have been calculated and posted, they will show up in BLUE, if not the results tab will still be in black.

After you look at the results of your event, you can look down at the bottom of the division schedule and you should see a (Team of the Year) TOY STANDINGS tab in BLUE.

Click on this tab and you can view the standings for each team from that division, where they stand in overall divisional points for 2015.


The overall AOY Points race is still the same again for 2015.    Hope these instructions help you find the results for all of the NBAA events.