Finding Tournament Results on the New Back-end

There have been many questions regarding how to look up tournament results and AOTY standings. We apologize for the confusion, and hope the following steps will help ease the process for everyone. Division Yearly Points Races should show up when you click divisions, then your specific division from the list, and will appear near the bottom of the page once it is active (hopefully within the week). To access the back end go to 


To update your AOTY Standings

  1. Log In: To Log in simply use your NBAA Member number as the Username, and nbaabass (exactly as it appears) for your password..
  2. Click the MEMBERS TAB and then the My Account button.
  3. Now simply check the boxes of the sponsor products you use and hit submit! DONE!
  4. If you do not update these sponsors you will not show up on AOTY races.


  1.  Click on the Division Tab
  2. Select your division from the list
  3. On the division overview page look for Tournament Schedule and click on the blue highlighted field for each tournament posted. If the director has submitted results they will appear on the screen when you clcik the blue highlighted field.