2018 NBAA Michigan Division Schedules Announced


Division DateLakeRampHours
MI – Div 03 Wednesday Nights5/30/18Lake Erie-Detroit RiverBolles Harbor5-9pmResults
6/20/18Lake Erie-Detroit RiverErie Metro Park5-9pmResults
7/11/18Lake Erie-Detroit RiverErie Metro Park5-9pmResults
8/1/18Lake Erie-Detroit RiverErie Metro Park5-9pmResultsTOY
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MI – Division 145/30/18Upper Crooked LakePrairieville Twnsp6-9 pmResults
6/6/18Thornapple LakeDNR Ramp6-9 pmResults
6/13/18Gull LakePrairieville Twnsp6-9 pmResults
6/20/18Pine LakePrairieville Twnsp6-9 pmResults
6/27/18Gun LakeState Park DNR6-9 pmResults
7/11/18Gull LakePrairieville Twnsp6-9 pmResults
7/18/18Long LakeDNR Ramp6-9 pmResults
7/25/18Thornapple LakeDNR Ramp6-9 pmResults
8/1/18Upper Crooked LakePrairieville Twnsp6-9 pmResults
8/8/18Gun LakeState Park DNR6-9 pmResults
8/15/18Pine LakePrairieville Twnsp6-9 pmResults
8/22/18Duncan LakeDNR Ramp6-9 pmResultsTOY
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Division DateLakeRampHours
MI – Oakland Genesee Sun Series6/3/18White LakeState Launch7am-2pmResults
6/17/18Tipsico LakeState Launch7am-2pmResults
7/15/18Lake PonemahState Launch7am-2pmResults
7/22/18Tipsico LakeState Launch7am-2pmResults
8/5/18White LakeState Launch7am-2pmResultsTOY
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Division DateLakeRampHours
MI – SE Oakland County6/16/18Tipsico LakeDNR Ramp6:30 – 2pmResults
6/30/18Maceday LakeDNR Ramp6:30 – 2pmResults
7/21/18Wolverine LakeDNR Ramp6:30 – 2pmResults
8/18/18Heron LakeDNR Ramp6:30 – 2pmResults
8/25/18Tipsico LakeDNR Ramp6:30 – 2pmResultsTOY
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2018 South Dakota Glacial Lakes Announce Schedule

Division DateLakeRampHours
SD – Glacial Lakes 4/29/18Big Stone LakeHartford Beach6:30 – 3:30 pmResults
5/13/18Waubay LakeKanoga Launch6:30 – 3:30 pmResults
6/17/18Enemy Swim LakeIndlam Bay6:00 – 3:00 pmResults
7/8/18Lake PoinsettState Park Ramp5:30 – 2:30 pmResults
7/29/18Lake SinaiNorth Ramp5:30 – 2:30 pmResultsTOY
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2018 Oklahoma PC Hookers & Weekend Series Announce Schedules

Division DateLakeRampHours
OK – PC Hookers2/24/18Lake PoncaMain7 am – 3 pmResults
3/10/18Grand LakeMain7 am – 3 pmResults
4/21/18Lake TexomaMain7 am – 3 pmResults
5/5/18Lake EufaulaMain6 am – 2 pmResults
5/26/18Keystone LakeMain6 am – 2 pmResultsTOY
Contact Gene Vogt at genevogt50@hotmail.com for more information
DivisionDateLake RampHours
OK – Weekend Series5/5/18Lake EufaulaPeter’s Pt – Eufaula CoveSafe Light – 3Results
5/6/18Lake EufaulaPeter’s Pt – Eufaula CoveSafe Light – 3Results
6/16/18Grand LakeHoney CreekSafe Light – 3Results
6/17/18Grand LakeHoney CreekSafe Light – 3Results
9/22/18Lake EufaulaPeter’s Pt – Eufaula CoveSafe Light – 3Results
9/23/18Lake EufaulaPeter’s Pt – Eufaula CoveSafe Light – 3ResultsTOY
Contact Jeff Linder at jdlinder@yahoo.com for more information

New Missouri NBAA Division – MO Premier Anglers Announce Schedule

Missouri 2018
Division DateLakeRampHours
MO – Premier Anglers 4/14/18Lake of OzarksGravois Mills7:00 – 3:00 pmResults
4/15/18Lake of OzarksGravois Mills7:00 – 3:00 pmResults
5/20/18Truman LakeState Park6:00 – 2:00 pmResults
6/24/18Pomme De TerreHermitage St Park6:00 – 2:00 pmResults
7/29/18Lake of OzarksDrake Harbor6:00 – 2:00 pmResultsTOY
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