Start A 2016 NBAA Division in Your State

With 2016 just around the corner, there is no better time to start making plans for the upcoming fishing season.  The National Bass Anglers Association, (NBAA) is a great way to get a lot out of an organization, with very little travel time.  With affordable entry fees and events close to home, it is a great group to get involved with.

Once again NBAA will be running Weekend Divisions, Overtime Divisions and One On One Divisions for 2016, in various states throughout the country.  Each Division style is easy to set up and can be run in conjunction with other events already planned or as a stand alone group of tournaments. Anyone can start a NBAA Division in any state, and there can be multiple divisions in every state.  There is no limit to the number of divisions any state can have.

Weekend Divisions:  This format usually consists of five tournaments during the year, on the weekends, which generally run eight to nine hours each day.  It is a team format, which allows you to pick your own partner and fish with your buddy. Fish four out of the five events and finish in the Top Ten teams, in points, and you will move on the the National Championship event.

Overtime Divisions:  These tournaments are shorter in length and can be fished just about any way you want.  There are 12 events that last just four hours for each event.  They can be done on the weekend, during the week, after work or early morning.  Here again, entry fees are low and qualifying for larger tournaments is simple.  Fish ten out of twelve events and be in the Top 10 in points and you will qualify for the National Championship event.  This division is also a buddy style format, where you pick a partner and fish with them at every event.

One On One Divisions.  This division is set up as a fish by yourself division.  One person per boat, competing against every other individual angler.  There are five, one day, four hour or less events. As before, fish four of the five events and be in the Top 10 in points and you will qualify to fish in the National Championship.

Division Directors from last year will be putting up their schedules in the coming days and more divisions will be starting up soon.  It is easy to start an NBAA Division.  Go to to see all the things NBAA has to offer.  Once there, look across the tool bar and click on the tab labeled, “Start an NBAA Division” and follow the directions.  If you have questions about directing or fishing an NBAA Division, you can email them to or call NBAA National Tournament Director, Randy Sullivan at 580-716-4261.

We look forward to having you fish with NBAA in 2016!