NBAA Announces Super Bass Winners for 2015

There were a dozen winners recently from the NBAA Super Bass program for 2015.  Each division fished numerous events in 2015 and each event had a Big Bass winner.  After every event, the names of the team that caught the Big Bass were placed in a box.  With all of the tournaments completed for 2015, here is a list of the 2015 NBAA Divisional Super Bass Winners, that were drawn at the NBAA headquarters.

Illinois – Kevin Dennison

Indiana – John Fowler

Louisiana – Wesley Duck

Michigan Division 02 – Easton Lovell

Michigan Division 03 – Rodney Tarnackle

Michigan Division 14 – Mark Hewitt

Michigan Division 30 – Pat Hill

Michigan Division 38 – Bob Moss

Michigan Sunday Showdown – Zach Laupp

Montana – Sid Ziegler

Nebraska – David Maxon

New Jersey – Jason Mordhorst

A product sponsor prize bag of different “goodies” was shipped to the winning captain for each of the Super Bass winners.  Congratulations to all the NBAA SUPER BASS WINNERS for 2015!