Division 1 Tournament Schedule Change

Due to a scheduling conflict, Division 1, Thursday night tournament that was scheduled at Mecosta lake has been moved to Clifford Lake, and the following week will be at Mecosta. Full tournament schedule WITH changes is below.


 DIV          Lake                     Ramp          Director         Date

1CrystalDNRKinyon, Scott7/18/2013
1Clifford LakeDNRKinyon, Scott7/25/2013
1MecostaDNRKinyon, Scott8/1/2013
1TOWNLINECOUNTYKinyon, Scott8/8/2013
1WabasisCOUNTYKinyon, Scott8/15/2013
1Dickerson LakeDNRKinyon, Scott8/22/2013